Research Visitors Home Institution
Prof. Michel Devoret CEA Saclay (now at Yale)
Prof. Aviad Frydman Bar-Ilan University
Prof. Stephen Grodzinsky University of Bridgeport
Prof. Richard Henry (deceased) Bucknell University
Prof. Yoseph Imry Weizmann Institute
Prof. Bertrand Reulet Univ. Paris, Orsay (now at U. Sherbrooke)
Prof. Michael Reznikov Technion
Postdoctoral Advisees Position
George Cui research scientist, Yale
Luigi Frunzio research scientist, Yale
LiJen Lin Bell Communications
X.S. Ling faculty, Brown University
Oded Millo faculty, Hebrew University
Steven Ruggiero faculty, University of Notre Dame
Daniel Santavicca faculty, University of North Florida
R.J. Schoelkopf faculty, Yale
Aleksandr Verevkin faculty, SUNY Buffalo
A.A. Verheijen (Lianne)  
Jian Wang faculty, SUNY Binghamton
Dag Winkler faculty, Chalmers University
Yan Yin faculty, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
R. Zieve faculty, UC Davis
Graduate Advisees Dissertation Employer
Faustin Carter A transition-edge-sensor-based instrument for the measurement of individual He2* excimers in a superfluid 4He bath at 100 mK [PDF] Argonne Natl. Lab/U. Chicago
Chris McKitterick Prospects for Ultra-sensitive Terahertz Photon Detection with Graphene (2015) [PDF] McKinsey
Joel Chudow Terahertz Spectroscopy of Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as a Probe of Luttinger Liquid Physics (2014) [PDF] IBM
Anthony Annunziata Single-photon detection, kinetic inductance, and non-equilibrium dynamics in niobium and niobium nitride superconducting nanowires (2010) [PDF] IBM
Daniel Santavicca Bolometric response of superconducting microbridges and single-walled carbon nanotubes (2009) [PDF] University of North Florida
Veronica Savu The light at the end of the tunnel junction - Improved energy resolution of UV single-photon spectrometers using diffusion engineering (2007) [PDF] Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Matthew Reese Superconducting hot electron bolometers for terahertz sensing (2006) [PDF] National Renewable Energy Lab
Liqun Li X-ray single photon imaging detectors using superconducting tunnel junctions (2003) [PDF]  
Christopher Wilson Optical/UV single-photon spectrometers using superconducting tunnel junctions (2003) [PDF] Institute for Quantum Computing - University of Waterloo
Irfan Siddiqi Critical temperature dependence of high frequency electron dynamics in superconducting hot-electron bolometer mixers (2002) [PDF] UC Berkeley
Alex Kozhevnikov Electron dynamics and coherence effects in mesoscopic hybrid normal metal-superconductor devices (2001) [PDF] Goldman Sachs, London
Kenneth Segall Noise and quasiparticle dynamics in single photon, superconducting tunnel junction detectors (2000) [PDF] Colgate University
Peter Burke High frequency electron dynamics in thin film superconductors and applications to fast, sensitive THz detectors (1998) [PDF] UC Irvine
Stephan Friedrich Superconducting single photon imaging X-ray spectrometers (1997) [PDF] Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Nicholas Rizzo Ferromagnetic artificial pinning centers in superconducting niobium-titanium wires (1997) [PDF] Everspin Technologies
Anurag Mittal Electron-phonon scattering rates in GaAs/AlGaAs 2DEGs below 0.5K (1996) [PDF] Virage Logic
June Chen-Todt Point-contact tunneling study of high temperature superconductors (1995) [PDF] Applied Materials
Mark Keller Quantum chaotic scattering and ballistic electron transport in microcavities (1995) [PDF] NIST
James McCambridge Superconducting properties of Niobium-Titanium alloy multilayers (1995) [PDF] Dupont
Michael Gaidis Superconducting tunnel junctions as single photon X-ray detectors (1994) [PDF] HGST/Western Digital
George Ugras Quantum tunneling and heterodyne detection in superconducting tunnel junctions (1993) [PDF]

IBM Ventures, Managing Director

Richard Steinberg Synthesis and characterization of Yttrium-Barium-Copper-Oxide thin films (1992) [PDF] City University of New York
Anthony Worsham High frequency currents and heterodyne mixing in superconducting tunnel junctions (1992) [PDF] Cadence
Steven Klepper Sensitivity of quantum electron conductance to elastic scatterers and to spin-orbit scattering in Gallium Arsenide heterostructures (1991) [PDF] Raytheon
Venkat Chandrasekhar Electron quantum interference in small metal wires and loops (1989) [PDF] Northwestern University
Elie Track Electron tunneling studies in Ta overlayers on Nb and in Ta and NbN films (1988) [PDF] Hypres
Michael Rooks Electron-beam lithography of quantum interference devices for electron transport studies (1987) [PDF] Yale
Samuel Wind Electron quantum interference and transport in ultrasmall metal structures (1987) [PDF] Columbia University
Dean Face Quantum limited detection and noise in superconducting tunnel junction mixers (1987) [PDF] Dupont
P. Santhanam Localization and superconductivity in thin films and narrow wires of aluminum (1985) [PDF] IBM
Bruce Dalrymple Upper critical fields of the superconducting layered compounds Nb1-xTaxSe2 (1983) [PDF] Northrop Grumman
Mark Feuer Dynamic properties of superconducting microbridges (1980) [PDF] City Univ. of New York (CUNY)